We Understand Microsoft

Eldad Cordoba | July 14, 2021

In a lot of our conversation with potential customers about Microsoft cloud offerings we hear a lot (Mostly from Startups) that they are trying to get information on Microsoft cloud offerings and it’s not clear in multiple aspects where from other vendors they have a clearer information.


We always say that the Microsoft offering is the best in all aspects but to open the magic door to Microsoft candy land you need to have a good Microsoft Partner.


Microsoft is helping organizations of all sizes do business. Whether it’s with Office 365 or Microsoft Azure, or the more traditional technologies such as SharePoint and SQL Server – we can help plan your next move.


Having a deep understanding of the latest Microsoft technologies, coupled with the licensing knowledge and the best deployment expertise, means we’re in the best position to help you plan and deliver your next modernization project.


Direct Experts Provides Microsoft Solutions as part of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP). The program is designed to provide you with Microsoft’s public Cloud subscriptions such as Azure, Office365, and Microsoft’s security solutions. But it is more than just a licensing platform; within CSP you get a full managed services package that include licensing, support, consultancy, and billing in a flexible module with a monthly invoice directly from us – and it’s all included in your monthly Microsoft Cloud consumption!