Today, organizations across the range of industrial verticals want to generalize machine learning and AI capabilities to solve complex business problems and increase the value of their products. Using the power of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, you can derive insights to help optimize operations, drive innovation, and deliver value to the company.

Our Cloud Solution Architects provide consultancy, planning, architecture, implementation, and support of Microsoft Data, AI, and ML solutions running on Azure. Our experts will provide your team with The BEST practices and guiding principles to a successful implementation, for which we will always commence with a DLD that contains a tailor-made Architecture Schematics, SOW, and TOC.

Microsoft CSP

As Microsoft’s provider, we supply our customers with Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP). The program is designed to provide you with Microsoft’s public Cloud subscriptions such as Azure Office365, and Microsoft’s security solutions. But, it is more than just a licensing platform; within CSP you get a full managed services package that include licensing, support, consultancy, and billing in a flexible module with a monthly invoice directly from us - and it’s all included in your monthly Microsoft Cloud consumption!

Microsoft Azure

There are plenty of reasons to integrate Microsoft Azure into your existing Datacenter strategy, including: bursting workloads, deploying a hybrid architecture beyond your on-premises Datacenters, and maintaining a disaster recovery plan. Microsoft Azure is the world’s leading versatile Cloud platform. With Azure you may deploy, scale, and manage applications across Datacenters, and allow the creation of applications through using multiple languages, tools, and frameworks – all in one stop.


Architecture Design

Cloud Solutions Design is based on architectural procedures and methods declared as The BEST Practice by The Vendor. Cloud Architecture defines the components as well as the relationships between them. Our Cloud architects will convert the technical requirements of a project into the architecture and design that will guide the final solution BEST for you!

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DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high swiftness. Cloud computing environment, by its nature, provides DevOps automation with a standard and centralized platform for testing, deployment, and production. DevOps culture, practices, and tools serve high performance via quicker construction of better products. This improved collaboration and productivity is also integral to achieving business goals. Our architects build and provide DevOps solutions, tools, CI/CD pipelines, and procedures BEST fitted to your needs in order to help you run your operations more efficiently. Our architects assist Dev teams with planning through delivery, and automation of the delivery process to the Cloud in order to: • Improve deployment frequency. • Achieve higher speed for marketing. • Improve the mean time for recovery.

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Azure Data Lake includes all the capabilities required to make it easy for developers, Data scientists and analysts to store Data of any size, shape, and speed, and do all types of processing and analytics across platforms and languages.

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configuration of Azure Data Lake environment.
Build, train, and deploy your machine learning models using Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks and ONNX Runtime, while optimizing and accelerating ML inferencing and training.

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configuration of Azure ML environment.
With Azure Cognitive Search, the only Cloud search service with built-in AI capabilities, you may discover patterns and relationships in your very own content.

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configuration of Azure Knowledge Mining environment.
Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL Database for modern app development. Single-digit millisecond response times, and automatic and instant scalability, guarantee speed at any scale. Business continuity is assured with SLA-backed availability and enterprise-grade security.

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configuration of Azure Cosmos DB Infrastructure.
Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings together Data integration, enterprise Data warehousing and big Data analytics.

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configurating of Azure Synapse Infrastructure.
Azure IoT is a collection of managed platform services across Edge and Cloud that connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets.

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configuration of Azure IoT Infrastructure.
Visualize and connect to any Data using the unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI)

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configuration of Azure Power BI Infrastructure.
API call to embed the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate decision-making into your apps.

DEXDATA&AI specializes in deployment and configuration of Azure Cognitive Services.

Starting Packages

System Overview

Free system review of your current architecture or a future design by our Solution Architects. This includes an intro meeting in which by the end you will receive:

  • Summary of the review meeting.
  • Statement of work.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


License Planning

We know Microsoft Cloud Licenses can get confusing. In this package, we go over your needs and run an assessment of your present licenses and tools to gather information about your current Microsoft product in use. At the end of this process, you will receive a full recommended Licensing List and a CSP offer that covers all your needs.

High Level Design

Full system review of your current architecture and a planning of a new Cloud topology design by our Solutions Architects. At the end of this process you will receive a full HLD document that includes:

  • Design Summary.
  • Topology Diagram.
  • Project SOW.
  • Component Overview.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Azure Workshop

Together we will cover-up a half day workshop in which we will drill down to guidance on the Azure services that relevant to your organization:

  • Cloud Architecture.
  • Security and Compliance.
  • Cloud Resources Usage and Cost Optimization.